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We are a luxury lifestyle brand that focuses on helping Moroccan women from underserved communities build a sense of confidence and self-worth by learning a well-compensated and hard to find trade. Indirectly this helps to preserve and promote our Moroccan heritage while making it relevant for today’s world.

Zyne strives to keep ancient techniques alive by using them to create modern and timeless designs that will last you a lifetime.

The process of bringing one of our designs to life takes on average 24 hours of hand-beading or hand-embroidering by one of our devoted “petite main,” a lifelong artisan dedicated to his/her craft.

We consciously select materials that are eco friendly, such as raffia, a natural fiber, which we tint using colors made from vegetable scraps and spices. We also repurpose fabric scraps into new styles.


With every purchase, you’re helping underserved/underprivileged Moroccan women thrive, grow, and prosper. We empower these women by providing them with employment and teaching them valuable skills – like beading and embroidery. With this knowledge, they’re able to secure jobs and support their families. This financial security and independence allows women to live life on their own terms. What started as a small group of 5 women has now blossomed into a team of 50 empowered artisans. We want this number to grow as much as possible as we are committed to continuing this journey by supporting local women and providing them with opportunities to become independent and empowered. These women are proud to share their talents with the world.


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