ZYNE's team

Zineb Britel is a Moroccan born designer based in Casablanca. Her mission is to bring the ancestral Moroccan footwear known as the “babouche” and it’s traditional craftsmanship into the 21st Century. Born in the 90’s, her style is anchored in the laid back multi cultural vibe made popular by her generation.

After studying Fashion Design at Esmod Paris and gaining experience by working at two of the most prestigious French couture houses, Christian Dior and Sonia Rykiel, Zineb discovered her true passion and talent was in shoe design. She furthered her expertise in this discipline at Central Saint Martins in London and Moda Pelle in Italy. It was during this time that she was inspired to explore her own country’s footwear and to develop a fresh new take on the mule or “babouche” in Arabic.

Laura Pujol is Zineb’s best friend and business partner. She graduated from INSEEC, one of France’s top advertising schools. She then went on to specialize in Luxury Goods Marketing at L’Ecole Internationale de Marketing du Luxe (EIML Paris). Laura has a passion for bringing the painstaking craft of luxury good making to life and honoring those who dedicate their lives to the trades. Laura’s mission is spreading the Zyne passion and message across the world and making new friends for the brand along the way.